Why Every Contemporary Artist Should Have A Portfolio

A portfolio is a showcase for the best work of an artist, whether professional or amateur. It will also present the style and method of their work, and will therefore include work across the whole range of the media they use whether that be drawing, painting in oil, watercolour, acrylic; collaged work, printmaking or sculpture.

A portfolio would originally have been made physically. Since online platforms have been available an artist can easily make an online portfolio to showcase their art to potential buyers and to galleries and curators of exhibitions.

A portfolio should…

  • Establish a good first impression. Whether applying to art schools, or for scholarships, or presenting work to galleries or potential employers the portfolio must select work that best reflects the artist’s strengths.
  • A portfolio ’speaks’ to those who see it. In this way it is an invaluable tool for communication with those the artist wants to reach.The portfolio shows the artist’s unique style.
  • Images must be of high-quality and high-resolution.

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