What Is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary art recreates reality but keeps reality’s contradictory nature intact. It focuses on modern society’s current issues and asks us to address them.

Understanding the Concept of Contemporary Art

What is the Main Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Art?

One simple answer to this question is “Time”. Modern art was said to be created between the 1860s and late 1960s. So, the art that was created after this period, like minimalist, conceptual, feminist, postmodern etc, falls under contemporary art.

Another key difference between the two is that while modern art focuses more on aesthetic beauty, contemporary art focuses on the underlying concept of the work.


Pop Art

Many art historians and critics consider pop art as the movement that marked the start of contemporary art. Contemporary art includes new realism, minimalism, expressionism, postmodern art and crypto art


Contemporary art is not limited to traditional forms of expression like sculpture and painting. It also involves work created through countless techniques and various media like music, performances, digital art etc.

Experimentation is a key feature of contemporary art. In fact, this property is one of the core pillars of it, providing artists with an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and freedom within the creative process.

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