What Are The Differences Between Contemporary and Modern Art Forms?

Art is a form of stress reliever which is powered by abstract forms of designs. An artist uses his passion to sculpt a meaningful story through art depictions. You might encounter many novice admirers mixing the “contemporary” with “modern” art forms. However, there are a few differences between the art forms.

If you want to get to the depth of these two art forms, remember that they belong to two periods of art history. While the modern art form originated and spanned from the 19th to mid-20th century, the contemporary art form is the current art style. Modern Norfolk artists practise both styles relatively well to express their views through the drawings.

Points of Differences Between Modern and Contemporary Art Forms

Time of Origination

Modern art emerged long before the contemporary art form. It can be seen in the early 19th century till the mid-century. However, the contemporary art form is a more recent invention. It is a punky and mish-mash art form. In contrast, modern art forms concentrate more on photography and its depiction in art.

Forms and Content of Both Art 

It isn’t easy to generalise the modern art form. Modern art is majorly abstract. French impressionists were the first painters to break the traditional art style and move into the modern art forms. On the contrary, contemporary art forms are more eclectic and complex. Experienced artists feel that abstract art is a more complex form of art compared to the contemporary art form.

The Subject Matter of the Art

Modern artists redefine the form of art and provoke thoughts, emotions and notions in the viewers’ minds. Common subjects like landscapes, still life portraits and symbolic art forms are being explored by modern artists. On the contrary, contemporary artists focus more on subjects of political situations, cultural shifts, current events and technology and represent the same in art.

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