Understanding the Creative Process of Contemporary Artists

The creative process is a blend of art, ideas, and unique thinking capabilities. Unlike other methods, this process doesn’t have a proper structure. It starts by gathering inspiration and ends with the final product. The steps in the creative process are subject to change according to the artist’s perspectives and preferences. However, there is a basic creative framework that artists in Suffolk always follow.

What are the Stages of the Creative Process?

The creative process comes with the following five stages:

a) Preparation: This step is also referred to as the inspiration phase. In this stage, the best and out-of-the-box ideas are born. The artist embarks on an exciting journey into the creative realm that inspires and appeals to him/her. When you are an artist, commit to this stage and relish in it.
It is an internal process since you have to think deeply to generate ideas. However, it also has another dimension since you have to gather resources, data, and materials.

b) Incubation: After drawing inspiration and gathering necessary information, let your subconscious do the work for you. This period takes a certain amount of time. It depends on the imagination and perception of the artist. For some it may take days, while for others, it may take months to absorb and process the creative juice.
During the germination period, the artist allows the mind to digress and takes the focus from the issue. The conscious mind wanders, and the unconscious mind gathers various ideas and influences.

c) Illumination: After incubation, insights arise from different layers of the mind. These insights break through to awareness in a dramatic fashion. The solution presents itself seemingly out of nowhere and when you least expect it.

d) Evaluation: When the initial idea has been produced, it’s time to evaluate the new idea and compare it with other options. The artist can take feedback from others to test the idea and determine whether it’s a good solution. The artists in Suffolk can help you to know more about this aspect.

e) Verification: Verification is the last step of the creative process. During this phase, you bring the ideas to life. This is where you paint the picture or write the story. Thereafter, the artist can share his/her new ideas and thoughts with the world.

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