Creativity within limitation and uncertainty.
The shock, in March 2020, of the sudden cancellation of all my exhibitions, shutdown of galleries, cancellation of the other loved activity in my life: singing events, and the loss of face to face contact with family and friends, had a massive impact. I felt as if I was held in the grip of an ever tightening vice. For a month or so, painting just seemed pointless.

During February, before Covid took hold in the UK, I had prepared some work for Kunsthuis Gallery in Yorkshire. In response to their 2020 theme of 'Changing connections' I'd developed three watercolours of which this piece: 'Nature's economic cycle' was the first. I'd given myself a long sabbatical during the autumn and winter, having found the 2019 round of gallery exhibitions stimulating but perhaps destructive of thinking space. So the winter months I spent writing a libretto based on Climate change issues.

Nature's economic cycle.

It had been uplifting to read ideas of how much better our global economies would function were they to work as Nature works, recycling rather than ravaging resources as if there is unlimited supply.

When my energies began moving back towards painting again some time in late April, the three Changing Connections pieces seemed to call. I noted how much I had moved away from large washes loosely applied over large areas, moving and shaking the paper and seeing where the paint ran. These new pieces are really quite controlled in one sense. But only up to a point.