An occasional blog describing how particular collections of work were inspired and made.



Creativity within limitation and uncertainty. ...more

A return to oils


Ruth describes how 2018 brought an exciting return to painting in oils after nearly 10 years of developing her avant garde use of watercolour. ...more

'A Necessary Aimlessness'


Drawing on the words of Jeanette Winterson in 'Land', and Jacky Bowring in 'Melancholy and the landscape', Ruth writes about the creation of abstract pieces.

Black tar and rust
Black tar and rust

Loss, regeneration


Kunsthuis Gallery's 2018 exhibition "Our eARTh' invited artists to respond to the theme of climate change. The show will run for 9 months from March, shoiwing work by international artists. I was delighted to have three pieces selected for the exhibition. ...more



Boat forms
I learnt to sale in my 20's, and love boats: their roundedness, buoyancy, and the sense of playfulness they trigger in me. They also usually have lovely paintwork whether thats bright blues and reds, or old flaking stuff. And somehow their situation can seem to reflect some aspect of human life... old and abandoned, brand sparkly new and lively... ...more