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Rising energies

Nature's Spring rampage of flowering is full on. Snowdrops and crocus are giving way to daffodils and I even discovered one tulip in flower in yesterday's warm sunshine: March tulips?

In this powerful surge of colour hitting our retinas, we can forget momentarily that Nature's rhythms are altered now. Energies rise and fall in unpredictable patterns: storm after storm arrives to shake our calm. The energy feels less stable.

War currently shakes the world.

We try to help. We are and always have been creatures riven with many destructive elements in our nature.

For Ukraine, artists have created many ways of fund raising to help. Instagram for some time has showcased #artistsupportpledge, and now its said that the new #ukrainesupportpledge has achieved over £30,000 of funds to support 'Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund'.

Its good that we feel the urge to help. Artists donate pieces and 100% of the sales go to this relief fund.

Quietly to myself though., I also feel troubled that we did not make this level of support to countries like Syria and her refugees.

But I am taking part in the effort and have created a page on my site: 'For charity' which at present shows the piece I made for Ukraine. It is sunny. The sky is blue. These are my hopes and prayers for the people and country: to return to light and calm.

The piece is also offered on Uk Artists online. They have created a video of the donated artworks with a link to buy... here's the link to the video. It is safe!!

The energy of caring

Contemplating who I am as an artist is a theme I've touched on before. During my recent big studio clear out, I met a local artist Spadge Hopkins who has a wide range of talents, but who also focuses on the mental well being of artists. He invited me to be involved in the next show.

I am keen to learn how the community works to promote, sustain and support its members

If you would like to see and learn more of this, checkout

I'll be on duty on the afternoons of Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 March. If you can pop by for a chat, it would be lovely to see you.

April's blog will include mention of other places you can get to see what I'm up to, including June Open Studios.

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