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Needs, choices, risks.

April's weather is predictably very changeable. As a sea swimmer I've learnt to negotiate carefully! Some risks, some choices and a need to enjoy and benefit from the cold water effect and let the sea teach me how to stay safe within its massive powers.

In my art practice I am finally settled after a pretty destabilising period.

I have made some choices.

They feel a bit risky. So if you feel able to reply with your views on these choices, I'd be very grateful.

It was Autumn 2021 when I finally clarified what pleases me as an artist. I've never had the experience of 'needing' to paint or make things, nor felt driven by a passion to do so. Beginning to draw and paint in 1997 was accidental. I had time on my hands after moving out from London: building a psychotherapy practice takes time. And the cottage was in chaos as renovation work went on.

"Go join an art class mum" my fully professional artist daughter suggested. It was fun to discover that I could.

Since then I have made things.

But Covid lockdowns shut this down: galleries didn't want work - they were shut. I'd never considered how much I relied on their 'Calls' for work, and without that, as the months dragged, on I began to feel that I didn't really know why I make or if I wanted to continue. The lack of 'need to make' removed one motivation. So I spent a year working with my Canadian art coach, looking at "Why?"

It proved a really difficult question to answer.

I was very grateful then, when one day it became clear that what really pleases me is knowing that someone else is enjoying something I've made. I don't make things for myself. Once they are finished I like them to go somewhere where they'll give pleasure. It's really a form of sharing, and more recently I've made a fairly risky feeling decision.....

I would like to find ways for people to take my work home.

Yes, buying a piece would be great.

But where that investment is just too much I would like to find another way forward. This is largely to do with 2 facts: I'm fairly old and I have a huge amount of unsold stock. I will never sell it all. A large proportion has already done the rounds of the galleries and returned.

And being surrounded by around 300 unsold works is a deterrent to making more.

So if you'd like to explore creative ways to take my work home, you will be doing me a big favour!!

I'll soon be launching a series of open studio days.

For anyone able to get over here I hope you won't be shy to explore this idea with me.

Here's the first opportunity, and its very soon

Please contact me to arrange a time to suit, since we are still fairly Covid ridden in Suffolk

AND In June I'll be taking part in Suffolk Open Studios, opening on the following dates between 11am and 4pm:

June 2, 3, 4, 5

June 18, 19

June 25, 26

I hope you are navigating your way safely through what feels like an astonishingly unending sequence of really tough events.

Come and choose something that will warm your heart, raise your spirits: I'd like to make that possible.

Kind regards


April 7

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