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February note

Share the love?

Through January and February I'm working at a 'Sketchbook challenge' run by my Canadian art coach, Cheryl Taves.

Each day we receive a theme to explore.

When invited to choose what I could do to create something 'soothing' for myself, this is what I produced.

It may not look like much, but the circular form and that beautiful rich, warm Hansa yellow pigment held my attention completely. Stillness, power and strength.

And it is watercolour! Which is a return, back to the medium that was the focus of my work for over 10 years.

Watercolour is so often seen as a medium for painting gentle scenes: representational work. Such work can be beautiful and is very popular.

When I began working in this medium in 2010, after 10 years of oil painting, I wanted to find out what else it could do.

This was one of my early paintings and was successful in the 2012 Sunday Times Contemporary Watercolour Competition at The Mall Galleries. Of course I was delighted, and especially pleased when it was used as the cover of the exhibition catalogue.

The East Anglian coast and agricultural landscape were my main subjects in the following years, always looking for how I could respond to their fundamental nature.

By 2020 my watercolour work had changed, moving towards much more abstracted forms. I still found them expressive of energies in the natural world.

What I particularly enjoyed was the beautiful translucency of many watercolour pigments. Leaving each wash to dry before layering over the next had always been fun, leading to unplanned colours suggestive of shadows or forms in the landscape such as in this very large piece which sold at the opening of Gallery East in Woodbridge, 2019.

I decided to call it 'Slowly walking',

What can you see in it?

So why 'Share the love'?

Simply because these weeks of sketchbook exploration have taken me back to watercolour. Through Covid times I lost my way. Collaging hand painted papers in 2021 helped me to start working again, And now the golden circle has pulled me back to this earlier love.

I love watercolour. Its purity and simplicity. Always intense even when still. Fascinating layers that construct compositions open to any interpretation we want to make.

In another way, the sharing element is becoming a goal for 2022.

I want to find ways to share my work that make it available even when budgets are not huge.

Do get in touch and we can discuss ideas.

And please leave a comment. I love to be connected and in dialogue.
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