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Faltering steps?

January 4

We tend to use the beginning of a new year as a time to look ahead.

I tend to avoid that. Not confident that really I have much control no matter how much I work at planning, scheduling, writing lists. For me these attempts to control my progress quickly disintegrate much as new year resolutions do.

So here's a thought....

Maybe my journeys will be much as my newly pursued winter sea swimming is?

(Borrowed this image from Wix: no rocks on my shore)

A journey made with a force of variable temperament with which I must enter into a learning process. I have nothing to teach the sea. One midwinter morning it may gently lap at my feet and welcome actual swimming. Another day its power will rage and deter all attempts at entry. Woe betide me if I believe I can master its hidden forces.

And hidden those forces are. The North Sea is no mass of clear blue waters.

Dodging a respectful, tentative entry, I have no view of what lies under my feet, of where the shingle suddenly dips steeply, or of deeper currents and the suck and rush of retreating surges, all of which undermine my balance. Even more dangerous when hoping to return to dry land, when keeping a watchful eye on wave sequences is a priority.

How playful and exciting it can feel bouncing about out of depth as waves gather height and speed in their barrage towards the beach. But what an opponent when its time to extract my tired, cold limbs from the game we've been having. Better learn well. Better let my opponent and 'playmate' teach me its lessons.

It just strikes me that whether its 'art' or anything else in life, this is how it goes.

Humbly learn.

Accept the excluding moments when the forces we're up against are just too impenetrable and strong.

Enjoy the bounce and play.

And always accept that there's a lot going on beyond my sight and control.

I need to wait until these forces make a welcome, and understand that this is how my journey will take shape, and not by my attempts to believe I've got it under control!

Be lovely to hear what you think!

I hope you enjoy lot's of play and grow in the ability to wait for the next welcome :))

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