From the Studio

May 2023

Blowing Hot and Cold

This favourite object in my studio may tell you something about what the space represents for me.

Feet from a combine harvester.
Handle entirely bespoke.
(Not shown): chimney is a stainless steel HGV exhaust pipe. External rain shield is the drinking bowl of its creator’s wolf hybrid.

The main chamber of this quirky, inefficient wood burner is a Calor Gas bottle.

It’s surface patterns and colours are entirely made by heat acting on the metal.

Its a joy to be in the company of.


As work spaces go, its one with which I have a changeable relationship. Its May 2023, and apart from a flurry of activity to finish work for an exhibition that opened in March, I have not set foot to make anything.

I have learnt over more than 20 years to tolerate this. Philip Guston, 20th-century artist, is described by the Tate as making “paintings and drawings that captured the anxious and turbulent world he was witnessing.” There were times he did not make it through the door!

These “From the Studio” jottings will give glimpses into what I’m making and thinking. June edition will show works in progress.