From the Studio

July 2023

It seems a long time since June’s open studio season here in Suffolk.
I’ve been involved in several exhibitions: see details on the Events page, and I’m already planning for the autumn when I’ll have a solo show in October. More on that soon on Events and also in my newsletter: I hope you’ll sign up to receive that?

Since this jottings page is about what goes on in the studio, here’s a recent video to show you the compromise between order and chaos that is the permanent state of my studio!

I like the mess. Stepping inside usually results in something catching my eye and triggering an idea. I hardly ever have a plan, preferring to wait until something invites attention. At the moment this happens to be a couple of fund raising ideas.

I do a lot of sea swimming at Southwold, in the company of a great bunch called ’Sole Bay Swimmers’

During June Open Studios I committed to giving 10% of sales to our local lifeboat crew.
Sales weren’t great this year but I managed to offer a sum that might well buy the 20 or so volunteers a well-deserved pint! But it didn’t feel enough, and this weekend I suddenly thought I’d have fun making a small collage on cradled board and offering it for display and use during their August event:

Sea swimmers have a fair amount of hilarious terminology to describe the sea conditions and I’ve given the collage the title “A bit bouncy”. For me that could mean too rough to get out safely; for others it means they will have a lot of fun in the waves :))

We SBS-ers wear a variety of brightly coloured hats as you can see. But I now realise I need to add some bright red/pink/fluorescent yellow floats! Quite a few swimmers use them for safety.

Here’s the collage: It’s a fun image and I loved making it. Now we need to work out how to raise some money with it on August 5.

“A bit bouncy”

Now to whet your appetites

For the solo show and visits to the studio (07426 925065), here are more studio shots, indicating the direction I may take with new work.
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