Ruth's work explores more than the appearance of the subject.

'A lot of art is made while wandering about, either in your mind or on foot. It's a necessary aimlessness.....the antithesis of goal-oriented, set your sight how-to manuals and inspirational talks. It isn't organised."

'Looking is an act of renewal.' ...'Art slows us down because we have to stop and spend time with it.... not glancing or skimming....not looking for diversion.'

'This intensity of seeing - the riot of reality in the retina allows the artwork to release back to us its clarity of vision'
(All quotes from 'LAND', by Gormley, Winterson and Richardson).

Abstraction allows us all to play Ruth believes, and 2021 finds her developing an entirely new body of work in collage, buidling her compositions from hand painted, acid free papers.

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Where paintings are framed this is done professionally and to conservation and archival standards.