Exhibition Season

Hello, and thank you for subscribing to my mailing list. Due to the imminent start of my first 2023 exhibition, this mail is unashamedly set up to give you news of upcoming shows I’m involved in. It would be very lovely to see some friendly faces.
But first…This morning was grey beyond grey. I walked unenthusiastically across the fields in the “I must keep fit” mindset which is useful discipline, but draining of joy really. And then I heard them: two Skylarks, one either side of me. I saw one of them rise into the cold grey. There it was – the joy. That the straightforward, regular patterns of the living world just carrying on as usual whatever the day’s circumstance, is something that human beings are gifted to respond to with feeling, is wonderful . They were just doing their territorial and mating thing, and I had to stop and utter my gratitude for their rising and elevated songs.
Now my turn to roll out an ordinary bit of gentle ‘marketing’… next newsletter will be more about my process.
2023 seems to have catapulted me into a number of involvements – exhibitions, commissions and even leading a workshop. I am not sure I feel quite ‘ready’, but it’s happening! If you click on the button above, you’ll arrive at my website ‘Events’ page which is a useful bookmark to keep for ongoing updates of where to find me.
It would be superb if a few friendly faces popped up at the shows, to say hello :)) The first one is really soon actually: opening on March 11 at the beautiful ‘Gallery East’ in Church St. Woodbridge, Suffolk.
Susie and Cathy who opened the gallery in 2019 have a great business model, and work really hard to promote their artists, curating beautiful shows tapping into internationally collected artists’ work. I am very grateful to be invited back for this show: “The horizontal landscape” and am honoured to be in the very prestigious company of: Simon Carter, Kate Giles, Emma Green, and Jo Rizzato.

Soon after….starting 30 March at Merlina Arts, Earsham Mill, Earsham.
Hilary Garner and Norma Read invited Diana Capstick and myself to join them for an exhibition in a lovely gallery on a heritage site in the village of Earsham, near Bungay.
I am planning on hanging around 15 pieces, showing the range of my work over the 20 years of my practice. Oils on canvas, abstract watercolours including several large format pieces, and collages. See the flyer below for details. Do come and see us. I will be stewarding over the first few days. There is a cafe on the site.
Merlina Arts is also the location of a SOLO show for me in May, (certain days between 11 to 21), and at throughout May I will have a selection of work in Bell Gallery in Bungay.
June will see me opening my studio for visitors on the 3rd and 4th weekends for Suffolk Open Studios.
So that’s my Spring rush of info to entice you to support your favourite Suffolk-based artists and our endeavours to respond to this wonderful region in which we work.
Thank you for your patience and interest. I usually write only once every other month, but its sometime since I shared the work I’m currently making, so I plan to send out one more ‘process’ letter, later in March.
Look after yourselves, and see you very soon I hope.