Colour & Shape

Welcome again to these regular updates from my art world.
Thank you for your interest.
I welcome feedback and dialogue, so do visit my new website page: From the Studio, where you’ll find brief notes on what’s going on in there, and a form to offer any comment.

If you read to the end of this post, there’s a sentence or two about upcoming events and a second new page on the site that I’d love your views on.

So: colour and shape….
In the interests of writing a short, interesting blog post I’m diving in with a few key points about me and art.
• I sort of strolled into it by accident.
• I like to play and experiment.
• But its not my passion, or my healing process.

Because of this last point, I often feel bothered, as if that means I’m not a ‘proper’ artist. And this has led me to spend a couple of years looking back to see if I can find out what I’ve been doing and what its about for me.

To my surprise I realised that from the very start, my work has been abstract.

Here’s a big piece painted in 2005, about 5 years into my art practice.


Obviously related to the landscape, but very abstracted.

And even more so this early oil, inspired by the same small woodland near the cottage.

So now, looking at one of this year’s paintings, made for a prestigious exhibition entitled “The horizontal landscape”, I would say that I’m continuing the theme which has clearly interested me from the start:
colour and shape.

Viewing this acrylic ink on board within the exhibition, alongside the work of the other 4 artists, I felt bothered because it was so different.

Brief notes

  • A new website page: From the Studio. It will be brief, and interesting: what I’m working on, inspired by. How the working process is shaping up.
  • The 3 website Work pages have a new format. Once a month I will present my selection for that month of 4 pieces in each medium (Collage etc). Click on any image to open a new page in which I give a few sentences about its inspiration and its details.
  • EVENTS (see more on the website Events page) June open studios in Suffolk. Come and see me :)) The retrospective sale and my successful loan scheme are ongoing.
  • New local gallery in Holton launches in late June.
  • I’m entering the Holt Festival Sir John Hurt prize, so wish me luck.