Ruth's childhood was set in Industrial, post WW2, socialist West Yorkshire, in a working class family.


Wild, remote moorland feels like home. Solitude shows through in her contemplative watercolours. Hard work and 1950's pre-clean air act still inform the oils.


Running free, both literally in her joy for childhood bike rides into nearby countryside, and also in the imagination of solitary play as a much younger child, drive her making style.

A result of 30 years working as a psychotherapist, staying with uncertainty remains key in all her work. She enjoys waiting until the next mark suggests itself to her. This unpredictable journey is a real pleasure. 


Her work has always been responsive to the environment, with one or 2 places having a special attachment, like nearby Southwold harbour, where the sense of dedicated work and lively lack of tidiness are something she identifies with. 

Ruth invites the onlooker to relate to what they see, through what they feel and through imagination. Her watercolour work has been received with enthusiasm as innovative and pushing boundaries. There is depth and power in both the oils and watercolours and much to be discovered over time.


The body of watercolours developed over ten years has achieved success in national contemporary watercolour competitions, being exhibited at both The Mall Galleries and Bankside Gallery, London. Her work is collected internationally in Australia, the USA, Germany and The Netherlands.

Ruth began painting in 1997 on moving to Suffolk from London. 

She has worked with several mentors and trainers:

Julie Noad (Camberwell)

Geoffrey Pimlott, RWS https://www.royalwatercoloursociety.co.uk/artists/93-geoffrey-pimlott/biography/

Emily Ball  https://emilyballatseawhite.co.uk

Cheryl Taves art coach, Canada. https://www.cheryltaves.com/coaching


Her work has been represented by

  • Buckenham Galleries, Southwold

  • Grapevine Gallery, Norfolk

  • Appleyard gallery, Holt, Norfolk

  • Flint Gallery, North Norfolk

  • Contemporary Art in Cambridge 

  • Little Gallery, Norwich

  • Gallery in the Lanes, Norwich

  • Aubrey Gallery, Essex

  • Kunsthuis Gallery, Yorkshire

  • The Mall Galleries, London

  • Bankside Gallery (RWS), London

  • Pond, Quay and Maltings Galleries at Snape Maltings, Suffolk.

  • Gallery East, Woodbridge. 

Ruth regularly takes part in group shows across Suffolk, using galleries in Aldeburgh and Woodbridge. She is a member of Suffolk Open Studios, taking part in their annual Open Studio month in June, and in their gallery shows several times a year.

She set up and has run the 'Inspired by Becker' art Society and annual exhibition in 2013, celebrating the contribution of Harry Becker's powerful work to contemporary makers. www.ibbas.co..uk 

Ruth's studio gallery is open all year and situated in her garden in north Suffolk, close to Southwold. She welcomes visitors and is happy to spend time discussing her work. Her aim for 2022 is to clear retrospective work, and find ways of making it possible for a loved piece to be taken home.