“Art slows us down because we have to stop and spend time with it, not glancing or skimming… not looking for diversion.”

From ‘Land’ by J. Winterson, A. Gormley and C. Richardson.

Celebrated Contemporary Artist in Suffolk

Welcome to the website of Ruth McCabe, one of the most prominent artists in Suffolk. Ruth has earned her reputation for her natural talent in oil painting. She has primarily learned the nuances and complexities of the oil painting of her own. However, Ruth has also been mentored by Julie Noad, another celebrated oil painter based in Camberwell.

About Ruth’s Works:

Ruth’s works are acclaimed by renowned art critics, who find them intriguing for their artistic values and symbolism. Most of her paintings bear the elements of urban living, giving a slice of her childhood experiences. Her contemporary art pieces have been to various exhibitions and are a part of studio visits and other kinds of events.

Speciality As an Artist in Suffolk:

Ruth’s works transcend a wide range of artwork, from oil painting to watercolours and collages. These make her one of the most respected artists in Suffolk and its surrounding areas. Some of her most prominent paintings can be found on the website.

Contact Ruth Today!

If you want to inquire about Ruth’s work, you can always contact her. She is available to discuss studio visits, media enquiries, artist consultation work and purchasing her artwork.


Ruth is largely self-taught, but over the years has also been mentored by Julie Noad Oil Painter (Camberwell)

Geoffrey Pimlott, RWS (abstract watercolorist)

Emily Ball

Cheryl Taves art coach, Canada. (Art coach)

Her work has been represented by:

Buckenham Galleries, Southwold
Grapevine Gallery, Norfolk
Appleyard Gallery, Holt, Norfolk
Flint Gallery, North Norfolk
Contemporary Art in Cambridge
Little Gallery, Norwich
Gallery in the Lanes, Norwich

Aubrey Gallery, Essex
Kunsthuis Gallery, Yorkshire
The Mall Galleries, London
Bankside Gallery (RWS), London
Pond, Quay and Maltings Galleries at Snape Maltings, Suffolk.
Gallery East, Woodbridge.




From The Studio: Occasional Jottings


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