“Art slows us down because we have to stop and spend time with it, not glancing or skimming… not looking for diversion.”

From ‘Land’ by J. Winterson, A. Gormley and C. Richardson.

Ruth McCabe: One of the Reputable Contemporary Artists in Norfolk

As contemporary art is the work of artists from the 21st century, it mirrors contemporary culture and society. It is a rich resource for teachers, students, and audiences through which to consider the latest ideas and rethink the familiar. As one of the recognised contemporary artists in Norfolk, Ruth McCabe combines the methods, materials, subjects, and concepts that challenge traditional boundaries. As contemporary art is diverse and eclectic, it is rated via uniform organising ideology, principle, or -ism. The art of Ruth McCabe has a dramatic and strong form as she draws inspiration from external and internal landscapes.

Get Inspired by Fresh, Modern, & Thought-Provoking Artwork

As one of the most reputable artists in Norfolk, Ruth McCabe has been a great contributor to the field of Art. Largely self-taught, for more than 30 years, she has been creating fresh, modern and thought-provoking art in the UK. She is well ahead of the competitors for her unique work. Known for her special watercolour skills, she is one of the most reliable contemporary artists in Norfolk. Her undivided love for nature, music and dance reflects well in all her artworks.


Ruth is largely self-taught, but over the years has also been mentored by
Julie Noad Oil Painter (Camberwell)

Geoffrey Pimlott, RWS (abstract watercolorist)

Emily Ball

Cheryl Taves art coach, Canada. (Art coach)

Her work has been represented by:

Buckenham Galleries, Southwold
Grapevine Gallery, Norfolk
Appleyard Gallery, Holt, Norfolk
Flint Gallery, North Norfolk
Contemporary Art in Cambridge
Little Gallery, Norwich
Gallery in the Lanes, Norwich

Aubrey Gallery, Essex
Kunsthuis Gallery, Yorkshire
The Mall Galleries, London
Bankside Gallery (RWS), London
Pond, Quay and Maltings Galleries at Snape Maltings, Suffolk.
Gallery East, Woodbridge.




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