5 Contemporary Art Trends That Are Going to Dominate the Art Scene

As we slowly immerse ourselves in the swing of the year 2024, we might want to enquire and investigate what the year has in store for us in terms of the trends in the visual art scene. Contemporary art in Norfolk is changing and significantly evolving. We can also highlight some patterns in this landscape that are bustling with change and promise. For all the collectors, these insights on trends can help to determine which direction the overall scene of art is going and what kind of art you can look forward to collecting. So, let’s dive into these trends that are going to dominate the scene of art in 2024.

Five Art Trends Dominating the Art Scene 

So, let’s get into these big trends that are rocking the art world in contemporary times.

Environmentally Sustainable Art: We are feeling a new wind in the art arena as more and more artists are shifting towards ethical practices. These ethical practices in art making are springing from the collective commitment to make the world a better place to live. And, what is art if not yet another mean to make life better? This commitment is reflected in increasing use of natural materials such as wood and textiles, as well as recycled materials into the art pieces.

Paintings Over Other Art: The 2024 art scene is dominated by painting. They continue to be the most popular artwork. Sculptures and works on paper come second in the competitions.

Colour Over Neutrals: Neutrals have dominated the art scene for a long time. But 2024 is going to be all about vibrant and bold art pieces that are ready to turn eyes. Contemporary artists are using colour more intentionally to evoke a vibrant sensation and energetic emotions in the minds of the viewers. A lot of collectors are increasingly purchasing bold, colourful, and eclectic artworks.

Smaller and Crisper: Well, in the age of compact, fast-paced living, this was rather expected. It has a practical reason as well. As many are settling into the homes with limited space, smaller artworks will become the standard of arts to adorn your interior. However, smaller does not imply less impactful by any mean. We can say this trend is to fit art better into our compact daily lives.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns to Dominate Art: Contemporary art is leveraging a myriad of  geometric shapes and patterns, and its use is supposed to skyrocket. You can expect to see the proliferation of these shapes not just only in paintings and sculptures but also in the medium of textiles and ceramics.

So these are our top-picks from the dominating trends in the 2024’s art scene. There are going to be many more changes like that. And, we hope these changes are going to fascinate every enthusiastic art-collector from all over the art. We are continuously creating, experimenting and innovating new approaches to contemporary art. Peruse the collections of Ruth McCabe Contemporary Art and we promise you we have a colourful world to offer you.